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Moving Towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is Beneficial to People

It is anticipated that AI technology will progress further in the future and will be adopted in various fields.

Fujisaki Group believes AI to be the technology that will change our way of working, bringing us a richer and higher quality of life.

In June 2017, we formed the AI research and development department in Kyoto Research Park and established FKAIR Co., Ltd. with the aim of creating AI that is beneficial to people.

In the field of renewable energy, where continued rapid growth is seen globally, AI is also being utilized as a technology to efficiently estimate power generation and consumption, detect causes of abnormalities, and to analyze conditions in power plants.

Based on the research and development of AI, Fujisaki Group aims to realize a sustainable world through efficient management of power plants.
The company also aims to optimize the operation of social infrastructure such as public transportation and utilities by accumulating and analyzing the daily data of each electricity consumer.

FKAIR Co.,Ltd.

FKAIR Co.,Ltd.