Bamboo Biomass

バンブーバイオマス事業 バンブーバイオマス事業

Sustainable Power Plants

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing one meter in length in a day.
A bamboo-fueled biomass power plant is highly sustainable.

Fuel shortages can be eliminated with this technology.

Undeveloped woodlands will be revived by maintaining abandoned bamboo forests.

New business such as supplying of fuel and generation of electricity also create more employment opportunities.

Playing a Role in Environment Conservation through Carbon-Neutral Energy.

We have partnered with a boiler manufacturer from Germany, a leading country in biomass technology.

Together, we have established a unique technology in developing a fuel system using bamboo biomass as the main fuel.

Starting with Unit No.1 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where our founder was born, we will expand our bamboo biomass and sustainable power plant operations throughout Japan, and eventually overseas.

Gaiapower Co., Ltd.

Gaiapower Co., Ltd.