Micro Mist Spray Dryer (MMSD)

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Micro Mist Spray Dryer (MMSD)

In 1994, our client, a pharmaceutical company, presented us with a challenge.
At the time, there was no nozzle that could spray liquid as mist in large volumes.
Could we collaborate and commercialize the nozzle though mass production?

With the aim of creating this groundbreaking nozzle, we started developing it with the client.
The purpose was to reduce the side effects of certain medicines by improving its solubility and absorbability into the body.

The ingredients of medicines are mainly crystal.

Amorphousness can then be attained by dissolving the crystal into a solvent and spray drying it.

In this form, its solubility and dissolution rate is much higher in comparison to the crystal form.

The surface area also increases, thus the absorption rate can be enhanced efficiently.

Although we succeeded in creating a good product, the company’s project did not push through.
With permission from our client, we released MMSD to the market and applied for a patent on the four-fluid nozzle in February, 1996.

Powder Technology in Our Daily Lives

・Tires→Carbon black, silica
・Body→Paint/coating materials, mica
・Exhaust devices→Ceramic filters
・Electric automobiles→Electrode materials for secondary batteries, etc.
Home Electrical Appliances
・Liquid crystal displays→Spacers (Silica)
・Smartphones→Electrode materials for secondary batteries, magnetic materials for vibration motors
・Home appliances→Powder coating materials
・Solar cells→Silicon, etc.
Daily Commodities
・Toothpastes→Calcium carbonate
・Paper Diapers→Superabsorbent Polymer
・Cosmetics→Titanium oxide, aluminum hydroxide
Office Supplies
・CDs and DVDs→Magnetic materials・Paper→Titanium Oxide for bleaching, calcium carbonate
・Office Furniture→Powder coating materials
・Medicine→Peptides etc.