Overseas Business

Overseas business Overseas business

Contributing to the World with our Unique Technologies

Since 1982, we have been accepting trainees from overseas (the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar), India, Malaysia, etc.).

We have created a multicultural environment that is welcoming to everyone.
We have achieved this through the help of our trainees, their families and our managers, all of whom have developed long-term relationships with us.

Asian countries, especially those who belong to the ASEAN group, have recently continued to grow by about 5 % annually and have been contributing to the economic development of the world.

With economic development, we expect an increase in the country’s energy demand. However, there are some countries whose lack of electric power and communication infrastructure hinder investment, continuous economic development and financial growth.

Our biomass power plants have introduced a combustion system using bamboo as fuel.
Germany being a leading biomass producer, we have partnered with a German biomass manufacturer.

Bamboo is said to be the fastest growing plant in the world, growing one meter in length in a day.
In utilizing this plant, we are able to realize a sustainable power plant that eliminates fuel shortage problems.

In addition, this bamboo is a native plant in many Asian countries, making it accessible for use.

Through years of experience and knowledge in utilizing solar power, bamboo biomass power plants and AI technology, we are working on projects that help stabilize power supply in Asian countries.