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Our mission is to create a sustainable world.

Fujisaki CEO

CEOKoji Fujisaki

About 30 years ago, Dr. John D.Sterman, the leading expert in System Dynamics (Systems Thinking and Modeling for a complex world), predicted that the global population would reach ten billion in the mid-2000s, then decline rapidly.
He then asked if there was a solution to this issue.

Since then, we have made a conscious effort to contribute to the realization of a sustainable world. As engineers, we play a crucial role in reducing the impact of global warming and solving this serious issue threating humanity.

In 1998, the Fujisaki group established a new concept of “contributing to society through technologies that are beneficial to us and the environment.” Based on this vision, we launched the solar and wind power plant business.

In 2011, we established Gaiapower Co., Ltd., a company dealing with renewable natural-resource energy power generation, and moved a step closer to the realization of a sustainable world.

Over the years, we have become a corporate group that provides total solutions in various renewable natural-resource power generation fields such as solar, bamboo biomass, wind, small-scale hydraulic power generation.

We will not only develop, design, construct, manufacture, manage, and maintain power plants, but also utilize leading-edge technology such as AI and produce better output.
To achieve this, we are collaborating with Fujisaki Kyoto Artificial Intelligence Research (FKAIR Co., Ltd.)

Furthermore, based on our collective capabilities, we will strive together to grow through the development of original products and provision of total energy solutions beneficial to us and to the environment.