Natural-resource Energy Power Plants

Natural energy generation Natural energy generation

Creating a Sustainable World with Natural-resource Energy

A book published in 1972 shocked the world.

In the book, "Limits to Growth", the authors pointed out a serious problem in the future: If the present growth in global population, industrialization and resource depletion continues unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next 100 years.
This will ultimately result in an uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity.

So, we asked ourselves what we can do about the problem at hand and decided to take action.

We started with instrumentation work in factories and plants, and then domestic solar power generation when we established Gaiapower Co., Ltd. in October 2011.

After that we made steady progress towards building a corporate group that provides total energy solutions through development, planning, financing, construction, management, operation and maintenance of mega solar projects, bamboo biomass, and large-scale wind and natural-resource energy power plants.

The worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies has been expanding steadily.
It is said that energy consumption in developing regions is expected to surpass that in industrialized regions.
Asian countries particularly are striving to expand their economies and start operation of new facilities, thereby leading to increasing energy consumption.
Their demand for a stable supply of electricity has been increasing rapidly.

Fujisaki Group intends to be of service to people by promoting the development of renewable energy power plants not only in Japan but also overseas where people seek a high quality of life through electricity.

Gaiapower Co., Ltd.