Our Company

Mission Mission

Be Creative and Take on New Challenges

In 1973, the Fujisaki Electric Co., Ltd. started by installing electrical control systems in factories, power plants and other facilities.

Based on Mr. Minoru Fujisaki’s strong will in becoming a manufacturer and his passion for "monozukuri" (craftsmanship), we set two corporate principles: Be creative and always take on new challenges.
Through this, we continued our research and development of technologies unique to the company. We eventually succeeded in commercializing our products.

Through the manufacture of automated manufacturing devices and other experiences, we have managed to expand our business to provide engineering services that can fulfill our customers' requests.

In 2011, we established Gaiapower Co., Ltd., providing the best solutions for the natural-resource energy business and expanding the range of our business.

This includes support for all processes involved in the development, planning, designing, financing, construction, management and maintenance of large-scale solar, bamboo biomass and wind power plants.

In 2017, we expanded to include an artificial intelligence (AI) technology division and established FKAIR Co., Ltd.

We also actively engage in AI research and development.